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Publisher : Aten Publishing House
Supreme Home Therapy is an online publication dedicated to the fusion of Luxury, Art, Design and Home Décor . Supreme Home Therapy Magazine features the industry from B2B and B2C perspective . Supreme Home Therapy Magazine showcases latest trends in Design and Décor . Supreme Home Therapy caters to the section A to A+ members of society .

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'Supreme Home Therapy' - A quarterly online magazine that  provides Interior Design solution for your residential and commercial spaces and encourages its readership to create a better ambience around them . Supreme Home Therapy publishes four times a year, at three-month intervals . It is called Supreme Home Therapy because our goal behind this magazine is to cure physical, mental, or behavioral problems of our readers by providing them a comfortable  and stress free  surroundings, sophisticated lifestyle, functionally improved and aesthetically enriched spaces. We believe that.... If we can't organise our living spaces then we can't organise our life . So, be a part of our Supreme Home Therapy and create a beautiful and healthy ambience of your own. Stay tuned with Supreme Home Therapy.

Supreme Home Therapy includes regular columns on historical architecture, art, design formulae, green design, renovation Time, Interior Design Outlines, Vastu and Feng shui, Residential Spaces and 9 to 5 spaces.

Do design woes get you depressed ? Let our in- house expert and Editor-in-chief  of Supreme Home Therapy , Designer Rishabh Shukla wipe that frown away . Leaking Roof ? Yellowing marble ? Cluttered Spaces ? Here's where you 'll find the diagnosis and hopefully the solutions to all your design woes.

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      Rishabh Shukla
             Deputy Editor
      Vikrant Kulkarni
      Sneha Rajadhyaksha
             Design Consultant
      Swapnil Shukla
      Gurpreet Singh
             Marketing Head
      Vipul Bajpai 
      Aten Publishing House

Owned and published by Rishabh Shukla , at Swapnil Saundarya Label . All rights reserved . No part of this publication may be reproduced , stored or transmitted in any form without prior consent of the copyright owner.

We welcome unsolicited material but do not take resposibility for the same. Letters or e-mails are welcome but subject to editing . The editors do their best to verify the information published but do not take responsibility for the absolute accuracy of

the information.Rishabh Shukla ( Editor-in-chief ) reserves the right to use the information published herein in any manner whatsoever.

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Our Other Regular Columns :


The latest news feed on what ‘s happening at art galleries and museums and the latest brushstrokes in the art world and insightful info on Art.


Bright and unconventional products on the street and exotic architecture . Lets have a look at various hawkers and peddlers. Street traders captured through the lens of our photographer.


Tips on how to decorate and organise your living spaces with collectibles, memorabilia, knickknacks and different paraphernalias with no sign of clutter.

9 T0 5 SPACES :

Awkward space and restricted budget not withstanding, create a beautifully designed and functional commercial space that is aesthetically appealing and pragmatically satisfying.


Home décor and design  ideas and solutions .DIY tips …… metamorphosed your house to home .

Want to run away from the hustle and bustle of your home ?
Well, the answer is : Decide a theme and design your space keeping in mind the formats of that particular theme which will undoubtedly turn your living space to a most beautiful and functional place to live in.


Go green . Follow an eco- friendly lifestyle .Interior design is next on the agenda for an eco-friendly upgrade. While going green is the subject of much debate, it is a necessary step in the Earth’s development because so many resources are quickly becoming diminished or completely lost. It is time for this concept to come into reality.


Create a positive balance in your dwelling or place of work by following the principles and practises of constructing buildings which ensures a harmonious balance between man and nature and thereby bring all around happiness , health , wealth and prosperity.


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