Rishabh Shukla on leading South India's blog ' KERALA MIRROR ' ......

Featured on leading South India's blog 'KERALA MIRROR ' ......

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Incredibly honored to have been featured on one of the renowned South India's blogs namely ' KERALA MIRROR ' .We deeply appreciate the recognition .See all the exciting details here,

Painting has been a passion of man since prehistoric times in India and the world. Caves of Bhimbetka in India are the burning testimony of this fact. In Bhimbetka cave sites you will find geometric manifestation of animals and different activities of men. Scholars trace this period to be earlier than 5000 B.C. Caves of Ajanta , Bagh and Sittanvasal are also a conglomeration of frescoes and murals beautifully painted in as early as 4-5 century A.D. From the references found in the Sanskrit literature we come to know about the society existing in ancient times and the inclination of society towards painting. According to these Sanskrit literary sources the existence of picture-galleries was common not only in places and houses of well-to-do people but of also of ordinary people. Bhavabhuti in Uttararamacharitam records of the existence of picture gallery where paintings were hung and most of them were sketched by the painter Arjuna.
During this period the themes of bulk of paintings related to theological teachings, mythology and animals. Though some other less important themes were also taken up. Primarily five colors were in use: white, yellow, black, blue and the emblic myrobalan.

The advent of Mughals in the Indian political horizon played a great role in the development of Indian paintings.

There was a shadow of Persian art in the new painting art form chiefly developed in the medieval period. This new art form is known as Minature paintings .

Many distinguished painters like Abdussamad, Bihzaad, Mansoor, Basawan, Daswant , Manohar, Jagannath, Abul Hasan and many other were patronized by the Mughal emperors. The foremost feature of Miniature paintings is that they contain very minute and subtle depiction of objects with distinct themes.

Miniature style of painting not only flourished in its own domain but also influenced a number of other regional painting styles which are presently known as Kangra School of
Art , Kishangarh School of Art. Mandi School of Art; Kota School of Art, Boondi school of Art, Jaipur School of Art , Mewar School of art and some more. Regional styles of Painting had their own distinctions and they all flourished as per the political stability of patron monarchs.

The heritage of Indian painting is very rich as it covers a wide range of themes, colors, techniques, artists and regions. The story of colors also is not less interesting as they have been prepared of a number of resources extending from different vegetational colors to innumerable minerals. Not only this but Indian paintings are drawn on a variety of materials too like cotton, silk, paper, canvas, cave walls, wooden flat surfaces and on many other places.

Besides, India is home to many other styles of paintings viz. Patachitra , Phada , Madhubani, Warli , Thangka , Tanjore , Kalamkari , Pichwais , etc. Through this blog, today we are going to Introduce you all with one of the finest young Painters from India and about his  label.  We are talking about the reflective ,grateful and superbly talented,  Mr Rishabh Shukla , who runs an enterprise which deals in Luxury Goods and Designer Lifestyle Products.'Owned and managed successfully by Brother and Sister Duo  Interior Designer , Painter Rishabh Shukla and Jewellery Designer , Couturier Swapnil Shukla, Swapnil Saundarya Label is a Designer Lifestyle Products Manufacturing Enterprise from India  that curates and makes rare and handpicked treasures ranging from exotic Fine Arts to striking objets d'art and fascinating Bohemian jewellery, each piece is a collectible with a story. That is how they describe themselves.Their exclusive Desi Dolls are true example of  perfect Luxury and high end Craft and the Paintings reveal a successful blend of the old with the new – merging a realistic and remarkable dimensional quality with a surreal and magical environment – in a truly distinctive style characterized as Surrealist .

Inspired by his artist sister Miss Swapnil Shukla, Rishabh began painting at age five, pursued Interior Design academically holding a Design Institute degree and continues to professionally create paintings as his life-long passion. Rishabh has become a known name in the art industry.

“My paintings are an exploration or journey that I’d like to take in a world that comes from my imagination with pieces of reality sprinkled in” said the artist ( Painter ). All of Rishabh’s work invites you in to experience Life’s Journey – with a twist.

The Artist also explained, " I am an aesthete , a lover of fine, applied and liberal arts and a professional Interior Designer. I have worn several hats as Interior Designer, Vastu Consultant, Painter , Columnist and Author . I enjoyed painting  like a picturesque journey. For me,design, shapes and forms were attractive since I was three or may be before even , I almost cannot see a space or fabric or canvas without my mind and vision clicking with ideas to enhance it to its aesthetic function in accordance with my vision .I believe that our home is a canvas of our thoughts so its best to colour it with beautiful paintings ."

Rishabh has always had love for architecture and art and when all the other little boys were playing cricket , he was busy designing his dream home and conceptualising his dream art collection. Fast forwarding several years he has utilized his  Interior Design education and 8 plus years of experience to every aspect of design in remodelling and new home construction . From layout and finishes , to project management and art consultancy , he has provide design and art consultancy to various clients and professionals .

Rishabh's works feature the element of surprise, unexpected juxtapositions and non sequitur; however, he regard his work as an expression of the philosophical movement first and foremost, with the works being an artifact.

Links to Rishabh's work:

The e-Studio
Rishabh Interiors


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