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A Threading Story 

Uttar Pradesh based Designer and Artist Swapnil Shukla has been making hand knitted Dolls namely SWAPNIL SAUNDARYA DESI DOLLS  by the only use of Threads. These desi dolls have capacity to grab your full attention and can even steal your heart . No matter how old are you , you can easily fall in love with these cute and beautiful Desi Dolls. "My inspirations are varied – I make Dream beauty Dolls in various forms like angels, fairies, school going kids and many more. They are all different," she says. A Jewellery Designer, Couturier ,Columnist and Artist by profession, Swapnil has graduated from South Delhi Polytechnic for Women , New Delhi in First with Distinction. Swapnil has worn several hats , Jewellery Designer, Fashion Consultant, Crafts Expert, Writer and Painter. More recently she diversified into Handicraft Products as an experiment in her journey in design .

 "The biggest challenge of Doll Making is that it's extremely time-consuming and demands lot of patience," she reflects."They are all single-thread pieces and demand undivided focus. There is no margin for a mistake," she says of her Swapnil Saundarya Desi Dolls.

Swapnil's work is characterised by dedication to detail. Swapnil Saundarya Desi Dolls resembles the finesse of a perfectly hand crafted product . Like her choice of subjects, her threads too are versatile. These Dolls are chemical free i.e Eco Friendly and are unharmful to kids .

On asking about the full story behind her  Luxury goods manufacturing Business, Swapnil explained , "SWAPNIL SAUNDARYA was first a blog born out of my love for art, fashion, Lifestyle and for sharing my passion for it. I Love to share my finds and discoveries through my blog and throwing light on the rich and unique culture and heritage of India .Considering the fabulous response by the readers, my brother Rishabh has metamorphosed this blog into an ezine namely SWAPNIL SAUNDARYA EZINE and it becomes a Big Hit in the short span. Today SWAPNIL SAUNDARYA  is a brand , a Government registerd enterprise with its own online store is something I look at with wonder and gratitude.

SWAPNIL SAUNDARYA LABEL'S  products naturally reflect my loves, be it Conventional , contemporary or Bohemian.SWAPNIL SAUNDARYA LABEL is not about mass produced beauty, each product whether it is a Jewellery piece, Interior Accessory , Painting , Doll etc. is hand-made  and I have a small team of tremendously talented craftspersons who take pride in making each piece beautiful.

It was my preconceived notion and a Dream to start a venture like this and SWAPNIL SAUNDARYA LABEL gives me wings to fly high in the sky and reach the line of horizon.I started writing my design and art  blog enthusiastically named 'SWAPNIL SAUNDARYA ’ in 2012 . If you ask me , why SWAPNIL SAUNDARYA ? My answer is : The word Swapnil means Dream, Dreamer  or Dreamy and Saundarya means Beauty. So, Swapnil Saundarya literally means Beautiful Dream  and that is what our philosophy is . SWAPNIL SAUNDARYA ~ Make your life just like your Dream World !

Being a Designer and Artist, When I start putting my design collections up on blogs and Facebook for the 1st time, the response from individual buyers as well as very reputed stores was something that took me completely by surprise.  I realized my business SWAPNIL SAUNDARYA LABEL has  filled my 24 hours with all that I loved which is basically what SWAPNIL SAUNDARYA  is all about - it is me following my heart and making what I love and making my and my customer's life just like their Dream World .And it is my privilege and joy and blessing that I always find people who value that.

Every experiment in her life she avers has been … “a step in my journey of growth and self discovery, a kaleidoscopic part of life that enriches the fabric of my work and existence.”

Swapnil Saundarya estore is an online destination for shopholics.We were  most impressed by certain ecofriendly products that they offer. We have done a "pick & choose" and come out with our personal favourites.Though not sure about the pricing part but if can get the best at the click of a mouse what more can you ask for.

'Swapnil Saundarya Label' is a collaborative effort between Rishabh Shukla ( Rishabh Interiors & Arts ) and Swapnil Shukla ( Swapnil Jewels & Arts )SSL is great at having unusual aesthetic design sensibility which is reflected in their products ranging from Jewellery,Clothes,Accessories,Furnishings,Furniture,Interior Products ,KnickKnacks,Paintings,Paraphernalias to Lifestyle Books.Swapnil Saundarya Label is a place that offers a complete lifestyle solution.The lifestyle products designed and developed at Swapnil Saundarya Label are not only captivating but a true expression of your style .

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