The Magician by Rishabh Interiors and Arts .

The Magician  2016 !

The only thing I ever liked about school were projects , where I could show off my artistic abilities and the Libraray .

Remember those ? If you ' re too young to remember , it was the internet before the internet.
My favorite two sections of the library were books about art and magic . Oh Magic ! I remember first reading about one of the eminent magicians and how he could walk through walls . I would re-read that passage a hundred times , staring at the illustration of an arm passing through a wall , thinking the solution would reveal itself.

Every child has a period where they're obsessed with Magic. Particularly boys. I don't know what it is , but all my male friends had a year of adolescence where they got a magic kit and tries to learn some tricks . I was still doing magic in high school , at one point believing it was an actual career I wanted to have ! When I get interested in something , I obsess. It's a trait of mine.

Magicians were often limped together with some touring shows. But when you became a superstar , you broke off on your own. And outside word- of - mouth , it was all about your show poster. The Posters always fascinated me, particularly the ones that teased of a new illusion .

Well, It was my preconceived notion to become a designer or painter . If not, then the second alternative was to become a renowned Magician. Today, I take great pride to call myself an Interior Designer and Painter , running an eponymous label called Rishabh Interiors and Arts but still I can feel that urge and my keen interest and fascination towards the world of Magic and the Magicians . That is why I am proud to present this avant- garde Art collection namely , 'The Magician' , bringing in light the Magic Posters which I had imagined and planned during my high school to attract the audience for my show if I were a magician . These Paintings are available on Rishabh Interiors and Arts : The e- Studio and Swapnil Saundarya Label ( under Art Gallery section ) .

Cheers !

- Rishabh Shukla ( RS )


These mesmerising Paintings ( Collection : The Magician ) made by Rishabh Shukla ( RS ) are available as Posters . These Posters are digitally printed with archival -quality inks on archival paper .
They come to you ready to frame or to mount and frame. These are available in three different sizes described below.

* Size A -  12x18 in - 30x45cm
* Size B -  12x 8 in - 30x20 cm
* Size C -   9x6 in   - 22x15cm

Prices and Delivery :

* Size A -  12x18 in - 30x45cm - Rs. 35,00/-
* Size B -  12x 8 in - 30x20 cm - Rs. 25,00/-
* Size C -   9x6 in   - 22x15cm -  Rs. 15,00/-

{ plus Rs.150/-  for postage and packing }

Delivery :  Within Two weeks. Please specify date required on the order form or on your mail .

Send us the Poster image (s) , you are interested for along with your mail . The Card image will  serve as the Product code .

Trade enquiries welcomed .

You can  make  purchase at 'Rishabh Interiors & Arts :  The e- Studio' by placing an order via e-mail with your details and the product code , you are interested for. For buying Guide and help , please refer to our studio's website .

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