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The Magician by Rishabh Interiors and Arts .

The Magician  2016 !

The only thing I ever liked about school were projects , where I could show off my artistic abilities and the Libraray .

Remember those ? If you ' re too young to remember , it was the internet before the internet.
My favorite two sections of the library were books about art and magic . Oh Magic ! I remember first reading about one of the eminent magicians and how he could walk through walls . I would re-read that passage a hundred times , staring at the illustration of an arm passing through a wall , thinking the solution would reveal itself.

Every child has a period where they're obsessed with Magic. Particularly boys. I don't know what it is , but all my male friends had a year of adolescence where they got a magic kit and tries to learn some tricks . I was still doing magic in high school , at one point believing it was an actual career I wanted to have ! When I get interested in something , I obsess. It's a trait of mine.

Magicians were often lim…