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Ek Aashiyane Ki Oar - A Guide For Residential Interiors

Ek Aashiyane Ki Oar 

Ek Aashiyane Ki Oar - A Guide For Residential Interiors

' Ek Aashiyane Ki Oar ' is a Home Improvement and designing based book first published in 2012.It is a detailed room-by-room guide to home interior design .This book is written by Rishabh Shukla, focussing on Residential Interiors , considering the demand and structure of Indian homes.The book is available in Hindi language. It includes topics like Anthropometry, ergonomics, space management, vastu & Feng shui, furniture care , formal style decor, contemporary homes and many more.

Table of Contents :
* लेखक की कलम से
* घर एक मंदिर जिसमे बसे , हम सभी का दिल
* आपका आशियाना और वास्तु शास्त्र
* उपकरणों को दें सही स्थान, जिससे मिले शांति व आराम
* फेंगशुई और आप
* रंग भरे जीवन में
* फॉर्मल स्टाइल इंटीरियर्स
* कनटेमप्रेरि इंटीरियर्स
* फर्नीचर केयर
* आशियाना हमारा लगे हरदम सुहाना
* इको फ्रेंडलि इंटीरियर डिज़ाइन
* लेखक के बारे में

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Preface    लेख…

Supreme Home Therapy Vol- 1, Issue- 02, April- June 2014

Editor's Page …..

This appeared in Vol- 1, Issue- 02, April- June 2014 of Supreme Home Therapy......

Interior Design, the development of indoor living and working spaces, usually involving both practical and aesthetic decisions.

Professional interior design can be divided into two distinct specialties: residential design and nonresidential, or contract, design. Residential design concerns the interiors of apartments and houses—that is, dwellings. Nonresidential design concerns public spaces such as concert halls, banks, offices, building lobbies, theaters, restaurants, hotels, and religious buildings. Many contract designers specialize in one or more of these areas.
Sometimes the architect and designer are one and the same, or an architect and an interior designer may collaborate on a project to create a single unified whole. More often, however, the designer works independently in an existing  space, making cosmetic changes to the structure as necessary.

Professional designers normall…

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* Rebirth of Ajanta
* The Arousal
* Mother and  the Son
* Romance of the Pharaoh
* The Pharaoh
* The Mask
* Festival
* The Divinity Love
* The Warli Life
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