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I have received a special e-mail from one of my readers ... Miss Zeba Khan ... she told me that she is my " biggest fan " ...and she loves my blogs and art . she send me this lovely composition of my pic and this " GUDDA " . I don't know from where she finds this pic of my look alike " Gudaa " or whether she finds it on google or  she has made this Gudda exclusively for me .... i couldn't ask these questions to her because i was so overwhelmed to see this very special e-mail of my biggest fan . I don't know what's her age ...i don't know how she looks .... don't even wanted to know but Dear Zeba ! if u r reading this post , i would like to say a big thanks to you for making me feel soo special by your such great gift . i received so many mails and comments on my e-mail and blog ... and i always appreciate my frnds and readers for encouraging me ... their feedback actually inspired me to work better than the best but this e-mail of yours is truly special and I will never forget your name till i die ... 'Zeba Khan ' - this name will always retain in my heart whether it is your real name or fake one ..but i really appreciate your endeavour to come forward and express your beautiful feelings in the most beautiful way . Thank You .
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Hello visitors !

This is my new venture in this new year ...... 'Supreme Home Therapy' - A quarterly online magazine that  provides Interior Design solution for your residential and commercial spaces and encourages its readership to create a better ambience around them .

Supreme Home Therapy includes regular columns on historical architecture, art , design formulae, antiques, green design, renovation Time, Interior Design Outlines, Vastu and Feng shui, Residential Spaces and 9 to 5 spaces.

Write in with your Queries to :

             Editor in chief            Rishabh Shukla      
             Deputy Editor             Vikrant Kulkarni      
             Writer                        Sneha Rajyadaksha      
             Design Consultant       Swapnil Shukla      
             Illustrator                   Gurpreet Singh      
             Marketing Head          Vipul Bajpai        
             Publisher                    Aten Publishing House     

‘Interior design’ does not require an introduction. The popularity of interior designing as a discipline is not confined to urban cities but it has rapidly spread to small town and cities across the nation. This is largely because of the changing lifestyle of people and their want to customise their residence with the help of an expert who can understand their taste and preference.

Interior design is the process of shaping the experience of interior space. Interior designing means better utilization of a particular space according to the requirements & budget of the client & to create healthy living ambience by using different kinds of materials. In other words interior design is a profession concerned with anything that is found inside a space {walls, windows, doors, finishes, furniture, texture, lights, furnishings, accessories etc.}. All of these elements are used by Interior designers to develop a fuctional, safe, aesthetically pleasing space for a building user. 

In simple words, we can say interior designing is the arrangement of living spaces i.e, organizing, managing & planning of the interiors of residential , commercial or industrial spaces. The objective of designing space is to achieve functionality and to create the right kind of atmosphere for the right budget. Purpose of Interior designing is functional improvement, aesthetic enrichment and psychological  enhancement of  interior spaces . Modern lifestyles demands a sophistication in interiors both residential or commercial areas , everyone wisshes to reside , work or to be around in an aesthetically set room or building that needs the assistance of trained designers and decorators .

Interior Design involves manipulating the architectural integrity of interior space as well as the creation of a lifestyle experience through the study of human behaviour . Interior design draws on aspects of environmental psychology , architecture, product design , furniture design in addition to traditional decoration. 

An Interior designer is a professional , who does better utilization of a particular space according to the requirements and budget of clientand creates healthy living environment by using different kind of materials. Interior design as profession includes a variety of aspects which involves - conceptual design, design development, design documentation, construction supervision, contract administration. 

In a market place that's getting increasingly competitive, and in a world where big names like to be aligned with other big names, a proper brand imaging of a designer will become necessary . and to become a brand the designer would have to strike the right balance between how he sees the space and what's expected out of it- with a definite leaning towards what the clients wants.

Considering the demands of the Interior design industry , we are proud to present ' Supreme Home Therapy ', a quarterly online magazine that  provide Interior Design solutions for your residential and commercial spaces and encourages its readership to create a better ambience around them .

Supreme Home Therapy will be published four times a year, at three-month intervals . It is called Supreme Home Therapy because our goal behind this magazine is to cure physical, mental, or behavioral problems of our cleints by providing them a comfortable  and stress free  surroundings , sophisticated lifestyle , functionally improved and aesthetically enriched spaces. We believe that.... If we can't organise our living spaces then we can't organise our life . So, be a part of our Supreme Home Therapy and create a beautiful and healthy ambience of your own. Stay tuned with
Supreme Home Therapy. 


This is Rishabh Shukla , signing off.


Supreme Home Therapy is  available here : 

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Read Supreme Home Thearpy 's first issue of this year .

For all subscription enquiries , contact here :

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