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Dear Friends and Lovely Readers !

I have received a special e-mail from one of my readers ... Miss Zeba Khan ... she told me that she is my " biggest fan " ...and she loves my blogs and art . she send me this lovely composition of my pic and this " GUDDA " . I don't know from where she finds this pic of my look alike " Gudaa " or whether she finds it on google or  she has made this Gudda exclusively for me .... i couldn't ask these questions to her because i was so overwhelmed to see this very special e-mail of my biggest fan . I don't know what's her age ...i don't know how she looks .... don't even wanted to know but Dear Zeba ! if u r reading this post , i would like to say a big thanks to you for making me feel soo special by your such great gift . i received so many mails and comments on my e-mail and blog ... and i always appreciate my frnds and readers for encouraging me ... their feedback actually inspired me to work better …