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Bathroom Design

Residential Design : Part-4

Bathroom Design - While the interiors of a home should reflect the personality of its occupants & meet their day-to-day requirements , the budget factor plays a crucial role. let us look at each section of the house & some of the options that you can consider.

Ideally speaking, the door to the bathroom should be placed on the longer wall. This makes it possible to separate the wet area from the dry one. There should be convenient handles or bars for senior people to hold on to. The slope of the bathroom must be right , water must not accumulate anywhere, especially near the door .While making the doorframe it is better to avoid wood. It is advisable to avoid wood & ply doors as the dampness affects the door sooner or later. Fibreglass flush doors look beautiful & are long lasting. Therefore, they are the best option.

Bathrooms need different kinds of lighting like ceiling or wall mounted light , pelmet light & compact fluorescent light place…