Residential Design : Part-1

Residential Design : Part-1

Kitchen Design :

while the interiors of a home should reflect the personality of its occupants & meet their day-to-day requirements , the budget factor plays a crucial role. let us look at each section of the house & some of the options that you can consider.


There is an increasing trend towards modular kitchens & towards open plan kitchens which merge with the living room . This has also helped to ensure that it receives greater attention & more funds while allocating the budget .
The kitchen counter top should be made of granite since it is hard & stain free. cabinets below the counter top should be made of matt finish laminate available in exotic colours . Shelving should be done with steel racks .It is easier to maintain & not very expensive.
Vitrified tiles are best suited for kitchen flooring as they are stain free. These tiles cost around Rs. 60-120 persq.feet. Cast lights i.e. down-lighters casting light on the kitchen counter is an essential.
Granite counters comes at a price of around Rs. 3000 and it is advisable to opt for shades of black, red or dark grey. Marble should be avoided as it gets easily stained . A small chimney can help remove the warm air & cooing fumes . This comes in a wide range of Rs. 7000 to 30, 000 .

Different types of kitchen layouts:

Corridor/ Parallel
Island based
Broken U-shaped
Single wall

Consider the type of the kitchen layout that fits your home space . The U-shaped kitchen is the one that surrounds you on all sides with storage , countertops & applinaces , saving lots of steps. If the 'U' is big enough , you can add an island work station in the middle but this is a relatively costlier option.
One of the most popular kitchen layouts is the L-shaped kitchen because the work traingle is uninterrrupted by traffic & there is a lot of space for appliances. The most cost -effective model is the corridor kitchen. While you can move around the entire kitchen in a few steps , counter space & storage are limited . The kitchen  should be designed for both comfort & utility. Modular kitchens are increasingly preferred because of the flexibilty they offer. there is a wide range of options with the price range starting at Rs. 3000 to 4000 per trolley to composite kitchens , either fabricated to size or readymade, which can cost up to Rs. 5 lakhs for some International brands. 

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