A Lucrative Career In Interior design -2


A    Lucrative   Career    In    Interior  design - 2


Work, Qualities & Responsibilities of an Interior designer:

An interior designer is a professional who identifies, researches and creatively solves problems to interpret the function and quality of the interior environment. A designer is responsible for performing services relative to interior spaces, including data collection, design analysis, space planning and aesthetics, using specialized knowledge of interior construction, building codes, equipment, materials and furnishings.
The work of interior design draws upon many disciplines including environmental psychology, architecture, product design, décor [ aesthetic & cosmetics ]. Designers plan the space of almost every type of building, hotels , theatres, corporate spaces, schools, hospitals, residences,shopping malls, restaurants,  airport terminals etc. Today,interior designers must be attuned to architectural detailings including floor plans, home renovations & construction codes.

The basic job of an interior designer is to make optimal utilisation of available space. Further, you have to make the space more functional and in accordance with the taste and budget of the client. Besides visualising and conceptualising the designs for new structures, interior designers also plan the interiors of existing structures that are undergoing renovation or extension.

A designer should have ability to create the design as per the customer’s requirements . He/she should be able to provide  maximum satisfaction to their clients  as the key ingredient to be a successful interior designer is client satisfaction .

Interior designers should have ability to forecast the trend . They should be a good trend setter too.

Designers must have ability to create the design i.e., aesthetically appealing, technically sophisticated  & pragmatically satisfying. They need to be imaginative, creative  & artistic.

Designers must be aware with the latest trends & market needs . They should have ability to  understand needs & wants of clients , able to develop the product or design, which satisfies the needs of the clients better than the competitors & also doing all this at a profit.

Designers also need to be disciplined, organized, & skilled business people . They must have good communication skills. They must communicate  clearly & effectively as well as be attentive listeners as they have to work with different service providers. Also, they need to be good team leader & good team players.

Designers should have project management skills since  they frequently work on more than one project at a time .

Interior designers often work under stress to meet deadlines, stay on budgets & meet client’s needs. Their work tends to involve a great deal of traveling to visit different locations , studios or client’s homes & offices etc. so they must ability to handle the stress.

{ To be Continue ……………. }

Before signing off , I request all the readers to share their precious experiences & views about how to improve our living & how to make your surroundings  safe, practical & aesthetically pleasing.

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  1. an informative post .....useful for future interior designers...keep it up

  2. anisha kapur, delhi26 November 2012 at 03:21

    you inspired me to to make a career in interior deign .... please update the next part soon so that i be able to understand more abt thi field ...btw , nice blog

  3. you are an expert in designing as well as interior design journalism . what a lovely blog . thanks and congrats.
    keep up the good work .

    - Monu Tripathi.

  4. I love your blogs from the heart.
    - Sourabh Verma



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