A Lucrative Career In Interior design

      A    L u c r a t i v e   C a r e e r    I n
               I n t e r i o r    d e s i g n

Do you have a habit of critically look at someone's home décor ? Do you keep doing up your home with newer and better paraphernalias  & knick-knacks? Do u have keen interest in colours, accessories, furniture, furnishings, managing spaces, meeting & dealing with different people ? Do u think u are able to transform a simple place to a beautiful one by adding extra zing to it ? Do you sometimes feel that some homes do not reflect the owner's personality?

If you have said yes to any of the above, you are well on your way to being a good interior designer.
‘Interior design’ does not require an introduction. The popularity of interior designing as a discipline is not confined to urban cities but it has rapidly spread to small town and cities across the nation. This is largely because of the changing lifestyle of people and their want to customise their residence with the help of an expert who can understand their taste and preference. So, if you are looking at making a career in interior design, here's some helpful information :

When we are talking about interior designing, the first question that arises in mind is :
what exactly interior designing  is all about ?
And the answer is here : 
Interior design is the process of shaping the experience of interior space. Interior designing means better utilization of a particular space according to the requirements  & budget of the client & to create healthy living ambience by using different kinds of materials. In other words interior design is a profession concerned with anything that is found  inside a space {walls, windows, doors, finishes, furniture, texture, lights, furnishings, accessories etc.}. All of these elements are used by Interior designers to  develop a fuctional, safe, aesthetically pleasing space for a building user.
In simple words, we can say interior designing is the arrangement of living spaces i.e, organizing, managing &  planning of the interiors of residential , commercial or industrial spaces.
While some would say it is just the art of putting some furniture together, interior designers beg to differ. Experts say that interior design is a creative process that understands the client's need, creates a conceptual design, review the design, and produces a final cut design document or plan. So it's not only involves decoration but it also involves aspects of environmental psychology, architecture and product design.
Most of the people get very much confused ,whether interior design & interior decoration are the same things with different names. The clarification is : NO, there is a distinct difference between interior design & interior decoration.
Interior decorating is the application of finishes, i.e., wallpaper, paint,  fabrics, window coverings, furnishings, etc. Goal of interior decoration is to provide a certain feel for the room that is attractive, easy to use & functions well with the existing design & architecture. An interior decorator fashions the look of  a space  & its outward decoration  in addition to enhancing  the total visual environment. An interior decorator works to enhance the aesthetic value of a space. Contrary to interior design that involves manipulating the architectural integrity of interior spaces as well as the creation of  a lifestyle  experience through the study of human  behaviour. Definitely, it encompasses a much greater scope of practice and professionalism.

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Before signing off , I request all the readers to share their precious experiences & views about how to improve our living & how to make your surroundings  safe, practical & aesthetically pleasing.

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